Awake O Israel

        Em                      Am
Awake O Israel, cease from your slumber
        Em                  B7
And the truth shall set you free
           Em                 Am
For out of Zion comes your Deliverer
       C        B7  Em
In the Year of Jubilee

        Em            Am
O hallelujah, O hallelujah
      Em               B7
Hallelujah, praise the Lord
        Em            Am
O hallelujah, O hallelujah 
      C     B7         Em
Hallelujah, praise the Lord

(verse and chorus follow same chord pattern to end) 
Out of the furnace of much affliction
I have chosen thee behold
And so for iron, I will give silver
And for brass I'll give you gold


Thou art my chosen, for I have sought thee
Thou art graven on my palms
And I will gather all those I've scattered
And return them to their land


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